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Sports Medicine Update

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1. Stiffness of the Knee: Release according to Judet
My Knee. Head author Prof P. Neyret. Co-author H. Hobbs Springer Print

2. Total Knee Prosthesis after Valgus Osteotomy of the Tibia
Knee. Head author Prof P. Neyret. Co-author H. Hobbs Springer


Currently active in research through two institutions
Orthopaedic Department, Groote Schuur Hospital, University of Cape Town
Sports Science Orthopaedic Clinic and Exercise

​Research currently on the go, amongst others

  • Gait post ACL reconstruction and rehabilitation
  • Gait post TKR and UKR with rehabilitation intervention
  • Tunnel size with ACL reconstruction
  • ACL rupture and patella tendonitis genetics
  • Skin incision to TKR
  • Anterolateral ligament (ALL) in the knee and its significance
  • Allograft failure in PLC reconstructions